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Indonesia Women Report 2013
July 2013 | |

In 2013, crime was women’s ultimate fear, but rising prices of basic consumer goods also seems to have become a key concern for Indonesian women. In terms of shopping, 97% women access product information through internet, but only 10% buy online.

Indonesia Women Report 2013

It is a highly established fact today that women are one of the most important target market segments. According to a research study in the US, it is found that women drive nearly 80% of consumer purchases. There are two good reasons behind this observation. First of all, women buy products not only for themselves, but also for the folks around them, whether it's their parents, boyfriends, husbands or kids. Secondly, women are the key decision makers, buying products either for their own use or for the household. Not only in buying their own clothing, cosmetics and accessories, they also shoulder the responsibility to arrange the daily necessities of the household, from foods & beverages, medicines and home appliances to toileteries, clothing (for childern and spouse) and footwear.


Realizing the important role of women for marketeers, MarkPlus Insight ran a survey to measure and monitor the habits, behaviors and attitudes of women aged between 16 and 50 years in Indonesia. Conducted across 10 main cities in Indonesia, the result depicts segmentation of Indonesian women, not only by demographics but also by their inner desires, fears and values in life.

Respondent's Criteria:
• Women
• SEC A1, A2, B, C1, C2
• Age 16 - 50 years old

Sampling Method: 
The samples are selected through multi stage random sampling

Sample Distribution:
The samples of 2,150 women taken from 10 major cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Denpasar, Palembang, Pekanbaru, and Banjarmasin

Survey methodology: Paper and Pen Interview

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