Who We Are

MarkPlus Insight is a social and marketing research firm that specializes in understanding the Indonesian consumer. Established in 1995 as the research arm of MarkPlus Inc., a leading south-east Asian market research and consulting company, MarkPlus Insight works closely with other MarkPlus flagship business units to provide detailed knowledge and analytical insight into the Indonesian market.

With 18 offices spanning 33 provinces across Indonesia, MarkPlus Insight offers unparalleled coverage and a comprehensive source of relevant and reliable information across various industry verticals. MarkPlus Insight’s core strength lies in a team of young, dynamic researchers armed with innovative research methodologies, assisting businesses with critical decision-making processes.

Our research expertise is spread across various industries, ranging from financial services, automotive and communications to healthcare, infrastructure, and utilities. With a proven track record of almost two decades, MarkPlus continues to deliver operational excellence, resulting in long, fruitful associations with our clients in this fast-growing highly competitive environment. For more details on MarkPlus, Inc. business units, please visit http://www.markplusinc.com/.

Our newest research framework is based on the new-age ‘WOW Marketing’ philosophy by our Founder and President and Hermawan Kartajaya, an esteemed marketing guru credited with ‘shaping the future of marketing’. The new methodology is aimed at helping companies create a superlative customer experience with their products, usually represented with the word ‘Wow’. By implementing innovative marketing research techniques based on ‘WOW Marketing’, MarkPlus Insight endeavours to assist clients in understanding consumers at a more profound level and identifying the factors shaping purchasing decisions and brand loyalty in line with the new customer path. A further demonstration of our commitment to this novel marketing philosophy, MarkPlus organises WOW Brand awards in various industry sub sectors. For more information on the marketing concept and WOW Brand awards, please visit http://www.indonesiawowbrand.com/.