What We Do

MarkPlus Insight prepares reports aimed at providing valuable insights on changing market trends and evolving consumer needs and preferences. Our reports utilize the most progressive research methodologies and maintain strict adherence to meeting specific client requirements and delivery schedules. Our vast research staff includes field workers, data processors, and research analysts, creating a service chain of in-depth industry knowledge and research expertise.


MarkPlus Insight Reports

In the era of increasing connectivity and social media influence, it is critical for businesses to identify customer path, from creating awareness to a sense of advocacy. The insight reports are tasked with creating in-depth analysis on consumer perception and preferences, which is critical for customer relationship management. The reports are prepared using latest first-hand data and implementing advanced research methodologies based on WOW marketing concepts. The result is a comprehensive analysis detailing how consumer awareness culminates into not only actual purchasing decisions but leads to strong loyalty and advocacy.

In addition, we keep a close watch on the emerging trends and evolving preferences of Indoensian youth, women and netizens. This allows us to cultivate deep understanding of their desires and anxities in our analysis and insights, allowing businesses to streamline their products/services in line with expectations. 


Custom Research

A dedicated team of researchers work on creating customised deliverables based on qualitative, quantitative and our specialised WOW marketing research methodologies. We do so by drafting custom research strategies and using primary data and fact-finding services to deliver in-depth, measurable insights in line with client requirements.  

Through our strong market research capabilities, we help clients to:

  • Identify pertinent issues
  • Sharpen research goals  
  • Develop a research plan supported by advanced methodologies
  • Implement methodologies to synthesize data for better insight