Our Portfolio

As Indonesia’s leading market research services provider and with a long proven track record, MarkPlus Insight is fortunate to collaborate with the biggest brands across industries. Some of our esteemed clients are:


Who we support

  • Financial Services Industry: Banks, Regional Banks, Islamic Banks, Insurance Companies, Multi-finance Companies, Brokerage Houses
  • Communication, Hi-Tech, & Media: Telco Providers, Gadget  Manufacturers, Telco Distributors, Internet Service Providers, Broadcasting (TV and Radio),
  • Automotive, Transportation, & Logistics: ATPM (the sole agent brand), Four-Wheel Manufacturers, Two-Wheel Manufacturers, Heavy Equipment Dealers, Sparepart Manufacturers, Travel Companies, Car Rental Companies, Train  Services, Airlines, Courier Services and Logistics & Forwarding Companies
  • Healthcare, Property, & Consumer: Medical Equipment, Medicine, FMCG manufacturers, Distributors, Retail & Services Companies, Property Developers, Property Operators, Property Agencies
  • Resource, Infrastructure, & Utilities: Mining Companies, Highway Roads
  • Government & Public Services: Ministries, Public Service Institutions, Non-Government Organizations, Non Profit Organizations


Financial Services Industry


Automotive, Transportation, & Logistics


Communications, High-Tech, & Media


Healthcare, Property, & Consumer


Resources, Infrastructure, & Utilities


Government & Public Services