Grand Prize Winners of MPanel Lucky Draw

This Is A Truly Happy Announcement

As one of the biggest community for consumers in Indonesia, MPanel is commited to serve the members with Special Benefits. Every end of the year, we draw Annual Grand Prizes for the most active members of MPanel.


On this very special occasion, we announce The Annual Grand Prize Winners who receive Holiday Packages to Bali for 3 Days 2 Nights. The winners are as follows:

1.Jenka Putra (+628131961xxxx)

2.Deny Purwanto (+62816160xxxx)


We are also happy to give away 10 Insightful MarkPlus Books with author’s signatures, personally to these lucky members:

1.Ferry Irawan (+628133056xxxx)

2.Vina Ferina (+62899937xxxx)

3.Agus Salim (+628528860xxxx)

4.Asmiyanti Asbula (+628578055xxxx)

5.Bayu Jiwa (+6283896774130)

6.Debby Nufri Ristiani (+628131909xxxx)

7.Gracia (+628389006xxxx)

8.Herlina (+622191003xxx)

9.Balya Saifullah (+628151046xxxx)

10.Fery Nur Ali Holan (+628387462xxxx)


Congratulations to all the winners!


Each of you will be contacted by our staff in the following week for further confirmation.


Thank you so much for all your participation on MPanel research activities.


See you next year!

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